Innotech Industrial Innovations Inc.


Innotech Industrial Innovations has been providing solutions to manufacturing facilities in northern BC for since 1998. Our specialty is upgrading machinery beyond its OEM design, and solving difficult problems that have confounded all attempts to resolve them.

Innotech has experience with all major PLC control system families and can adapt our solutions and control strategies to any of them. We recommend the Automation Direct PLC family as we feel it offers the best price to performance ratio, and have recently been included in their systems integrator program.

The Innotech Control Strategy is our main product, an approach to systems and interface design that maximizes the potential of personnel and machinery. Our control strategy has proven its effectiveness in all industries, because the common element in controlling any manufacturing process is people. We work closely with engineers, managers, trades and plant operating personnel to develop control systems that anyone can understand and operate, with integrated troubleshooting and maintenance support.

Automation, Controls and Machinery for Industrial Manufacturing